Interested in 4-H?

Minnesota 4-H youth development offers age-appropriate, hands-on learning via short-and long-term projects and activities, including:

  • 4-H clubs

  • Special-interest groups

  • After-school programs

  • Volunteering

  • Civic engagement

  • Community service

  • Camping

  • School enrichment

In 4-H, youth design and participate in their own programs and activities. This unique, learn-by-doing model teaches kids essential, transferrable skills that they'll use throughout their lives, such as problem solving, decision making, coping, communicating and responding to the needs of others.

Whether youth are building rockets, raising dairy cows, or writing musical plays, 4-H gives them the skills they need to succeed in life.

How do youth benefit from 4-H?

A recent national study by Tufts University found that youth who participate in 4-H:

  • Have better grades and are more emotionally engaged with school.

  • Are more than twice as likely to be civically active and contribute to their communities.

  • Are 47% less likely to have risky or problem behaviors.

get involved in 4-H

For more information about Minnesota 4-H, contact your local county Extension office or call the Extension Center for Youth Development office at 612-624-2116.

Learn more about 4-H through the U of M Extension