Section 1. The judges shall read carefully the general rules and all special rules under the head of the department or class in which they are to serve; and especially note and mark those rules bearing on the classes to be adjudged by them. Ignorance of rules is inexcusable with a judge.
Section 2. Judges shall report to the superintendent any exhibitor who in any way, whether in person or by agent or servants, interferes with them or shows any disrespect to them during the judging. The superintendent may, at his discretion, demand the proper apology from such exhibitors, or exclude him from further competition. The Executive Board may withhold from such exhibitor any or all premiums that have been awarded and expel him from further exhibiting at the fair.
Section 3. The judges and persons acting as clerks to the judges, must use special care, after award has been made, to see that the same is properly entered in the award book, for it is upon this entry that the payment of premium is made.
Section 4. The judge, superintendent and clerk recording the awards of the department, must sign the award book at the close of each class immediately after all awards in said class have been made.
Section 5. Department Superintendents shall open exhibitor tags to reveal exhibitor’s name after judging is completed.
Section 6. Judges shall place a reserve award in each lot. Should any animal or article awarded a prize be disqualified the animal or articles awarded the next lower prizes shall graduate into the next higher positions, if in the opinion of the judges, they are worthy of such prizes.
Section 7. In judging livestock the decision of the official veterinarian and judge, as to unsoundness, shall be final.
Section 8. The decision of the judges shall be final in all cases except where mistake, fraud, misrepresentation or collusion, not discovered at the time of the award, shall be shown. In such cases the secretary may adjust the matter or refer it to the Executive Board whose decision shall be final.
Section 9. Judges shall not award more than one first, second or third placing in any one lot.

Protests and Appeals

Section 1. All protests from a decision of a judge must be made to the Executive Board and filed with the secretary within five hours after the award has been made, it being considered that an award is made when the ribbon or premium card is placed.
Section 2. The right of an exhibitor to appeal the decision of a judge to the board, will lie only when it is charged that the award has been made in violation of the rules governing the exhibit, when it is charged that the decision of the judge has been influenced or interfered with by another.
Section 3. No protest or appeal based upon the statement that the judge or judges are incompetent or have overlooked an animal or article, will be considered by the management.
Section 4. All questions in dispute or differences not covered by these rules shall be referred to the Executive Board, whose decision shall be final.

Exhibit Booth and Outdoor Space Rental

Section 1. Applicants for exhibit booth space in building or space on the grounds will be directed to the exhibit space committee. All exhibitors must have their own liability insurance.
Section 2. Spaces assigned and not occupied by Noon Thursday will be forfeited as well as all fees previously paid. The spaces will then be opened to others.
Section 3. A certificate of insurance must be on file with the committee chairman as well as with the fair office.

Supervisors and Superintendents

Section 1. All supervisors and superintendents are directed to familiarize themselves as to their duties in keeping proper records, handling of money passing through their hands, making out payrolls, filing reports and returning duplicate receipts issued for money received.

Fair Superintendents and Assistants

Draft Horses: Don Bauleke, Superintendent
Pleasure Horses: Nancy Stauff and Jane Wiese, Superintendents
Beef Cattle: Dave Jones, Superintendent
Dual Purpose & Dairy: Leah Schloesser, Superintendent
Sheep: Mike Boettcher, Superintendent
Goats: Becky Michaels, Superintendent
Agriculture - Horticulture: Laurie Zimprich, Superintendent
Home and Family: Dena Becker

Concessions and Privileges

Section 1. The Executive Board and the chairperson of concessions will use every precaution to guard against extortion in any form practiced upon patrons of the fair. Any extortion practiced by a concessionaire will cause the forfeiture of contract money paid or expulsion from the grounds, or both, as the management or superintendent may direct.
Section 2. Food stands will be provided by the Carnival, Community Club, 4-H Club, Sportsmen’s Club and the Fair Association.
Section 3. All dining halls, lunch booths, refreshment pavilions or other stands must be substantial in structure and neat in appearance. They must be supplied with and sell only good, wholesome food, and pure, honest goods, at reasonable prices. All articles of food and drink must be kept under glass or screen before time of service. All concessionaires must meet state code guidelines and be able to pass state inspection.
Section 4. BEGINNING ON THE OPENING DAY OF THE FAIR, each concessionaire shall keep posted in a conspicuous manner at the front entrance to his place of business, throughout the period of the fair, a neatly PRINTED OR PAINTED SIGN, plainly readable, showing price of meals, lunches and all articles of food and drink to be sold and services performed under his contract. The size of the sign or bill of fare and place of posting to be approved by superintendent.
Section 5. All ground leases or space contracts, unless otherwise specified, will expire with the close of the fair.
Section 6. The sale of intoxicating liquor is only allowed to the Community Club and Sportsmen’s Club food stands. Operations of games of chance are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will be severely dealt with by the state or federal officers.
Section 7. Purchasers of concessions must keep their spaces in a sanitary condition. The first violation of this rule may cause concession to be closed and the forfeiture of all fees paid.
Section 8. Each concessionaire must confine his business to the space assigned. Failure to do so will subject him to forfeiture of his concession, without reimbursement.
Section 9. Concessionaires and their help must be neat and tidy in their dress. Persons found working at any concession, not complying with this section, may be ordered off the grounds.

General Notice

The fair management will welcome any report of mistreatment or extortion by any concessionaire or employee of the fair. Immediate information is desired of the sale of any liquor on the grounds. Complaint should be made immediately to the Security Patrol.